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Anime (Rozen Maiden)

The story begins with Jun., a boy who lives alone in her room andstrangers used to purchase toys online. One day he receives amysterious email that says: "Will you give string?" and he acceptedwithout hesitation. That's how he get Shinku, a beautiful andsophisticated doll, the wind it comes to life and claims to be a RozenMaiden. Jun. learns that Rozen Maiden is a reliquary collection ofdolls that are designed for the Alice Game, a game that is that they must fight each other to steal the opponent's Mystical Rose, and that achieves get all Mystical Rose will become Alice (the perfect doll.)Shinku forces Jun to be his medium (servant) and so she gets energy from Jun to avoid losing her Rosa Mystica in the Alice Game.

Rozen Maiden manga produced by PEACH-PIT, is serialized in twodifferent magazines: Birza Comics Monthly, from 2002 to 2007, andWeekly Young Jump since April 2008. The series has gotten quite a following, including former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso, whoearned the nickname "Rozen Aso" after being seen reading the first volume of manga in Tokyo International Airport. Aso said "I love thedepth of history" .2
Rozen Maiden began in Birza Comics published from September2002 July 2007. The individual chapters are referred to as "phases "and there were about 43 in total. In March of that year, for reasonsnot so well known, the publication was halted for several months tobe almost stagnant. Some speculated that the publisher lost the draftof PEACH-PIT, while others said there was a kind of disagreementbetween PEACH-PIT and editorial.3 For the abrupt end of the seriesin July, which amounted something like a "deus ex machina, theauthors had to apologize his lectores.4 The manga, which had beencollected in 7 volumes so far, complete with a short volume that sits in the phase 43. The last volume has just 90 pages, less than half compared with previous ones.

It is the second part of the manga. Account of what life would be Jun(19 years) if it had not agreed to give the rope. In some strange wayreceives messages from his "I" of 14 years, asking for help to repairShinku and fight the last and most dangerous Rozen Maiden,Kirakishou. She was defeated in the tale 24, now the new enemy todefeat is the original doll Rozen created, ALICE. So far only run 31chapters divided into four volumes.


There are a few video games for certain platforms Rozen Maiden:
Rozen Maiden Duellwalzer: A game for Play Station 2 has the samename as the Kun-Kun OVA based on the first season of RozenMaiden.
Rozen Maiden Gebetgarten: The second game of Play Station 2,exclusive of Japan, is based on Träumend, adiferencia ofDuellwalzer, this is one of the fights in 3-D, Rozen MaidenGebetgarten when he left out a special edition which gave away thegold pocket watch Shinku or Suigintou but one silver.
Rozen Maiden Alibata (short for "Alice Battle"): As one ofGebetgarten fights in 3-D, PC, in this game but did not go far in theanime is included as a character Kirakishou and Kun-kun.
Rozen Mugen: fighting game of Rozen Maiden 2D Mugen engine.

"Kinjirareta Asobi" (The forbidden game) by Ali Project in the first season.
"Seishoujo Ryouiki" (The domain of Holy Girls) by Ali Project in thesecond season.
"Baragoku Otome" (The Maid of the prison rose) by Ali Project inOuvertüre OVA.
"Toumei SHELTER" by Kukui in the first season.
"Hikari no Rasenritsu" by Kukui in the second season.
"Utsusemi no Kage" by Kukui in Ouvertüre OVA.
At issue, hired the same groups sound.
Banda sound
"Rozen Maiden Original Soundtrack", composed by MitsumuneShinkichi.

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How to paint chibi anime

In here there are somo videos that can help you to pain anime chibi.
I hope it helps you.

This video is of the creator of miki falls really i don[t now what is about miki falls but it seems like cool

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How to paint Anime

In here there are somo videos that they can help you hay to draw anime

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8 secrets of Mathew Bellamy

1. Matthew loves to use his scooter
2. The guitar that Matthew use more this one
3.Matthew use a yellow guitar pick
4.Matthew use a necklace of a black guitar pick
5.Matthew loves animals and nature
6.Matthew have a Mac
7.Matthew love the song paparazzi

8.Matthew have this glasses